Fool’s Journey- 1st 50 pages

The Alpha stage is over for the front quarter of the book, and on to Beta... Let me know what you think! Silvery light from a full moon filtered through a scattering of clouds, illuminating the stone markers of the dead as pinpricks of reflected light that stretched out ahead of her, disappearing into the... Continue Reading →

It’s All About the Love Story

Just wanted to read a love story. I found a series, The Apocolypse, by Melody Anne that fit that bill perfectly...  It's funny, because the books weren't good. They were written poorly. The story was developed for crap- so many things that could have been great, that were set up to be great, that just fell... Continue Reading →

Shaman Healer Heretic, by: M. Terry Green

According to Publishers Weekly, This book could easily open a fresh new world of urban fantasy. I have to agree. Originally published in 2011, Shaman Healer Heretic brings a unique take on a story that's saturated the shelves of urban fantasy, M. Terry Green makes it all seem new. Maintaining the fun feel that endears characters such as Laurel... Continue Reading →

Falling Through Portals

I've just stepped off a reading binge that's left me blissfully nostalgic. Turning jock in fifth grade could never get me away from the steady reading habit I picked up in kindergarten (thank you Mrs. Harwood). Through the years, I somehow lost this beautiful habit of jumping through portals, but every now and then, I remember the skill, and... Continue Reading →

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