Book Review: Zombie Playlist: A Novella by K. J. Chapman

Book Review

Zombie Playlist: A Novella by K. J. Chapman

Horror. Post-Apocalyptic.

4 Stars

One of a Kind. Beautifully done and a great story too!

Dagger has survived the zombie apocalypse with nothing save a metal bat, blades, and assholery. With the company of an IPOD she attained courtesy of Dead-Dude, and King, the Bunker-Boy straggler she somehow acquired on her journey, she travels to the coast, putting down zombies, blowing up high-grade assholes, and teaching King how to ditch his pre-apocalypse conscience and keep his yellow ass alive.

First of all, create the playlist and read along. It was a real thing, not just a fun title.

Second of all, Dagger is great. I loved the gender role reversal between her and her zombie-playlist8unwelcome side-kick, King. Talk about a story for female empowerment.

Third of all: Zombies. Now, this isn’t typically a thing I look forward to. I actually avoided reading this at first because I’m not that crazy about this genre, but if you are, this is one you CAN NOT MISS.

Fourth: Dagger’s sass is exquisite, and I imagine I’d like to be her when I grow up. Or, at least, in the event of the zombie apocalypse, I have someone to emulate.

The banter between Dagger and King is fantastic. Constant smiles. Much out-loud-laughter, and all while following along to a great, well-diversified playlist.

Seriously, this book is for everyone who likes fun. A short read (the playlist is about an hour and fifteen minutes), K. J. Chapman’s Zombie Playlist is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Happy Reading 🙂

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