Book Review: Evo Ghost: EVO Nation Series Book 3 by K. J. Chapman

Book review

Evo Ghost, Book 3 of the Evo Nation trilogy by K. J. Chapman

Urban Fantasy. Dystopian.

4 Stars

A fantastic ending to a fantastic story.

Her name is both feared and revered.
Her name is that of a ghost.
Her name is Teddie Leason, and she’s back from the dead.

Teddie never agreed with Woodman’s hare-brained declaration of war that cost the lives of those dear to her, but now, she is the main participant in forwarding what he started. There is no turning back, the war has to play out, and she must end the oppression of her kind. EVO are at the mercy of a man with outdated ideas and the power to wield them. Britain will be reshaped forever unless enemies become allies and sacrifices are made.

Becoming the ‘Face of the Rebellion’ is bitter sweet, with the potential for justice, but also a weight she struggles to shoulder. The fight has never been more important, and EVO have never been more at risk. They will follow where she leads. Does Teddie have the strength to bear that responsibility?

I was chomping at the bit for this last installment of Chapman’s Evo Nation trilogy to release as soon as I finished the second book, Evo Shift. What a treat for me when I was blessed with an Advanced Reader Copy (book releases March 1, 2018. Go here to pre-order)!

**careful- mini spoilers ahead**

The absolute horrificness Teddie goes through in Shift is finally over- at least on a physical level. Her guilt over playing dead eats at her which plays a huge part in her difficulty assimilating to the new group responsible for saving her life. Forced to stay under the radar, Teddie’s story slows way down…

Not nearly as fast-paced as Books one and two, I found Teddie’s arc in Evo Ghost very Evo Ghostbelievable, so much so there were times I was physically frustrated at her outbursts. People don’t like doing the hard thing and sometimes it takes awhile for acceptance to take control over reactionary action we all so easily allow ourselves to succumb to. Because virtually all of Teddie’s decisions are being forced on her makes this acceptance even harder to swallow in her case. Only wanting to get back to her life, the face of the rebellion isn’t her main concern, even if it is for thousands of others looking to her for guidance.

The unwilling hero is always a favorite of mine. Much like Katniss’ role as the face of her rebellion, despite wanting nothing more than to be left alone, Teddie is blessed with a supportive group who guides her through so her ending isn’t nearly so unpleasant. I especially loved how her relationship with Cooper and Wheeler maintains a profound strength after their shared experience in Evo Shift. We also see her past and present coming together right as she needs all her wits to get through the struggles of a world at war, we see how mercy is a strength and in the end, brings people back together.

As I mentioned in a previous review of this series, I love Teddie and Adam’s relationship. Such a – dare-I-say – healthy bonding between two people. No desperation or pettiness lingers between them at any time and they both understand how to balance their personal time with duty, even when personal time is all but taken away in the desperate days of war. We should all take a lesson from Teddie and Adam…

The end of the book had me holding my breath, wondering exactly how far Chapman was going to take it. A lot of me wanted it to go further, but I understood the decision for the ending as it was (Sorry, you’ll just have to read the book to know what I’m talking about. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the ending in the comments! Am I the only one who thought the ending was…). Even in my understanding, it’s the end that left me giving four stars rather than five, a discussion I won’t have here for risk of ruining the book for others. Seriously, I’d love to have a conversation about this…

This series was such a great, fun read. As soon I finished Shift, I jumped right back in and re-read them all! 🙂

Happy reading 🙂

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