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rpgAfter all the activity put into being better; into learning; into growing; into conquering my environment to carve the life I want, I still just want to play video games. Battles with myself about why I shouldn’t play come and go. After months of forgetting about these electronic worlds, some random trigger will bring it all back, and I’ll crave the eye-watering hours of staring into my computer screen, leveling up a fantastical character of ones and zeros.

Maybe if I liked games that I could only play for a couple of hours it wouldn’t be a problem, and not to say I don’t like those games, but I really love RPG’s. Games whose stories are deep and long and take 40+ hours to conquer. MMO’s are even worse, and I love them equally. Because my love of these is strong, I simply stay away….

…then I found the LifeRPG app! A super, over-simplistic free app that let’s you program in daily and weekly activities that score you XP (or take it away) so you can literally level yourself up for all your RL experiences! This was great!

Honestly, the idea of it is better than the application, but I’m still a huge fan. Jonessing for a little character development? Click on the app, and see what new armor, or weapon you’ve leveled up to.  You’re leveling up at life!

Yes, it really is the little things. Part of carving out a new existence among the mis-information, is fitting in all the things that I love, yes?


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