We want it now!

I went to see a Hindu guru speak once, and everything he said translated in my head to: It’s already inside you, just stop ignoring it. Information that is both frustratingly NOT-useful, and completely life-changing.

Let’s be honest- we’d rather not have it, than wait, or work, for it

Living really should be simple, but how we should live is often overshadowed by our ego’s fixation on drama. If only we could simply do what we know. But, that’s part of the point. It’s not as easy as EASY, because our human condition, our giant egos, create a tug-of-war inside us. We clearly see how doing something will yield the results we’ve been complaining we don’t have, yet we’re so unwilling to do any of those things as to beg the question: are we all a little insane?  We’d rather not have the thing we want, than wait a little while as we work to attain it. Really? Does this idea shame you as much as it does me?

After listening to this guru speak, I asked my sister (who attended with me) what she thought, and it was her reply that really seeded the growth of my transformation. She said something to the effect of: I really thought something would just click in me, and I’d walk out a completely different person.

pole copyI knew exactly what she meant, because I’d searched for that click as well. Yet, hearing the words come out of her mouth, it seemed ridiculous. How could listening to someone else’s words create a complete transformation in me? Why would I even think that the words of someone else be able to affect me so literally? Do we even want anyone to have that power? To simply talk an idea at someone, than – POOF – transform them into whatever it was that mage thought? (There’s so many ways that could go wrong).

As illogical as it sounds when put this way, we all still hold this ridiculousness inside of us; that one day we’ll run into the give me everything I ever dreamed pole, and our lives will POOF into the dream we’ve envisioned.

Stop and think about that. Are you one of those people who thinks it will just happen for you, without concentrated effort? I did. I still do on some days, when I’m feeling less motivated and want the inner-workings of my brain to translate directly into tangible potential, with no physical effort. Even the Laws of Attraction aren’t so straight-forward as to manifest this type of magic.

First step, and pre-first step

So, what’s the first step to getting what you want NOW? Figuring out what you want is an important step. (This was something I didn’t understand until recently. Abstract ideologies aren’t going to help your goal setting, or your dream getting. I’ll go into that another time). If you can’t say what you want out loud in a way that a toddler would understand, you don’t know.

Once you figure out what you want, or at least that you don’t really know what you want,the-first-stepyou have to realize you can’t have what you want this second, (unless you’ve already put the time in to manifest it. I’m assuming you haven’t done that if you’re reading this). Then, accept this idea. The idea that it will take time. The idea that what you’ve been doing hasn’t done it, so a change (or many small changes) is necessary, and that it won’t come without pains. Without accepting the idea, it’s nothing more than an annoying fact that will drive you crazy.  If you know, but continue to curse it, than you’re in pre-first step mode, which is still a better place than insane.

Another way to think of it is: if you’re admitting to yourself this attitude adjustment is necessary in your life, but you’re bitter about it, you’re still in the pre-step one phase, which is okay. Small thoughts that push yourself forward soon become leaps that change your world. Accept that results come after ACTION, and action is full of scrapped knees and learning curves, including hating the thought of having to change.

  • Which phase are you in?
  • What dreams have you thrown away, that you think you should bring back to your life?

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