NanoWriMo: Week 1

Week one of my first National Novel Writing Month participation is coming to a close. Definitely a great decision on my part (it happens occasionally) to jump in. I’ve shown up. I’ve gotten great word counts in, and most importantly, I’ve been forced to follow a rule of first drafts that I usually ignore, which is to just get the words down. I’m guilty of editing previous days work before getting to the new stuff, which ultimately just means I’m never adding new material ( but those first ten pages are solid!! 😜). The amount of work I’ve accomplished on minimal time due to this structured word-sprint is embarrassing, as I now fully understand just how badly my past procrastination and avoidance really was.

I’m very excited to see how much I get done in the last half of the month, as my traveling schedule will be over, so I’ll be able to actually focus instead of stealing quick minutes here and there.

Also due to the traveling (or rather my inability to control my own time in other people’s zones) my edits of book 1 have fallen to the wayside. There will be some serious scheduling in order to keep me on target on both of these projects.

It feels good to feel good about this 😁

To all writers, both nanowrimoers and otherwise, here’s to you:

How goes your writing project(s)?

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