Compared to You…

There’s a constant debate in my house about my workload. I use the word to refer to everything I try to accomplish in a day.

The details are irrelevant as the point is this: I don’t care what everyone else does. I don’t care how other people look. I don’t care. That’s not why I do things. I don’t work out because someone else is skinnier than me. There will always be someone “better.” Always. I’m not worried about that. I’m worried about reaching my maximum potential in all things, which can make me a little crazy because there are a LOT of things out there to be mastered.

Compared to you, I might be a slacker. Compared to you, I might be a freaking workaholic. Compared to you… I don’t care what you do. You get to decided what you do, and whatever that is has nothing to do with me.

So, when I get frustrated at myself, it’s because I know the potential inside of ME, not the me compared to whoever is great at whatever it is we’re talking about.

How incredible is the human mind? The human body? Do you see what elite athletes can do? Have you ever watched American Ninja Warrior? Have you seen the math it takes for astrophysicists to make sense of their subject matter? Have you seen toddlers learn to talk? to walk? to spell?!

And I won’t hear anything about genetics and certain types for certain blah blah excuse horseshit. Sure, there are SUPER smart people, and SUPER athletes, etc. I do get there’s a basic hindrance we each have buried in our DNA, but is that really the reason we all eat too much junk food, and don’t get out enough, or stopped caring about how far our belly stretch over our belt line, or have never read a book? Why are extreme examples proof of points? I think they’re only proof of the extent we’ll go to prove our bullshit to ourselves.

The debate is always started with something to do with “no one else…” or “who else do you know…” I am not that special, in that I am not any more, or less, special than anyone else. To think “no one else is…” is pure delusion, and “who else do I know…” only speaks volumes about the culture I live in.

Coming to yet another non-point, I thank you for this time to hear me rant 🙂




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