Dragon Soul teaser

Staring back at her reflection in the pool, she stretched her wings again, enjoying the feeling of them. Closing her eyes, she stretched her head in the breeze, imagining what it must feel like to hover above the Earth, free of her dis-belonging.

With a long sigh, she opened her eyes, worried the others might get too far from her. The same talent that gave them invisibility, helped them find each other. It was yet another thing Kira seemed to have forgotten about being a Dragon.

You almost had it that time.”

Kira jumped, trumpeting through her nose at the smiling face of an Emerald Hiiglane who gazed at her from across the pool. It was the first encounter with one of the other Kins since she’d woken in the throng of them. She had the impression it was something Vere Celen was being purposefully about. She’d gleaned from conversation that their constant moving was not normal.

Why don’t you try again?” The Hiiglane was ignoring Kira’s discomfort.

Try what again?”

Well, fly of course. No wonder you cry yourself to sleep every night. I would to if I was forced to remain on the ground all the time, in the same form every second.”

Kira wasn’t sure what this last part meant, but she could only deal with one thing at a time, so she fixated on how he could know about her sleeping habits.

How do you know?” She didn’t even try to deny it, remembering that the Hiiglanes were great empaths, many sliding into true telepaths.

You show much when you relax. That relaxing lets your magic through. I can’t imagine why you’re suppressing it. It must be why you can’t remember.”

Suppressing my magic? How am I doing that?”

The Hiiglane laughed. If perfect beauty could be expressed through sound, it would be the musical laughter of this Dragon. Kira couldn’t help but smile, naturally relaxing in the presence of his jovial nature.

I can’t understand it. If you don’t know, I certainly don’t know either.” He gently stepped over the pool, appearing to walk on the water, though Kira understood it was his control of flight that allowed the illusion. “Maybe it has something to do with why you appeared in the middle of our Umrah.”

Kira didn’t recognize the word, but there was only one instance he could mean. She looked away, embarrassed, though not sure why. It wasn’t her fault she had appeared there, at least she didn’t think it was. Whatever good mood she’d leeched from the Hiiglane was gone with a switch as she remembered her ignorance.

Will you try again?”

Kira had focused so hard on his mention of magic suppression, she’d forgotten to pay attention to the idea that she might have almost flown.

I don’t remember what I did.”

Your eyes were closed. Start with that.”

The Hiiglane moved out of the way so Kira could unfold her wings, stretching them as she had earlier, examining the feeling of them, imagining what it would feel like to soar above the Earth, above her problems.

This time she felt it, like a tingling through her skin, only not exactly a tingling. Afraid she’d lose whatever it was, she held her breath, focusing less on her wings, and more on the feeling dancing over her skin.

It was wonderful, and tugged at something she couldn’t quite grasp in her memory. Concentrating on staying relaxed and simply letting whatever was happening, happen, Kira forgot all the issues that had consumed her whole world, instead remembering what it might have been like before her amnesia.

The Hiiglane’s voice cut through her concentration with it’s musical quality, not interrupting, instead guiding her through what she was feeling, assisting her in latching onto it, understanding it, so her cells remembered how to use the magics all Dragons were born with.

The magic is in you; is you. Let it bloom from your cells to infuse your sarrika; your physical form. Don’t search the space around you for it, it’s not there. Only inside will you find it.”

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