Transformers 4, Supernatural, and Car Chats

For years, I’ve been saying I need to record my boyfriend and my car conversations. For whatever reason, the car brings out our best dialogue, especially since we like to really dig into the reasons why things are said and opinionated about. If the recorder on either of our phones works alright, today maybe day one of this future podcast…

I used to be a 3-4 times a week movie goer. Now, I barely get to 4 a year. Changes in scheduling and income explain the reasons for this. I bring this up only to explain why I’m just now talking about Transformers: Age of Extinction. This past weekend, I finally got to see it.


Click the pic for a review of everything I was trying to say- only better
Click the pic for a review of everything I was trying to say- only better


All I want to talk about is: Storytelling, and why Michael Bay can’t seem to do it. Steven Spielburg can tell a story, and with his name attached so significantly to this franchise, we just don’t understand what’s going on. Having cool effects, and action-packed blowing-up of EvErYtHiNg is fun, but why pack it in so tightly you lose the rest, especially when you legitimately don’t have to.

The boyfriend was unnecessary enough sub-plots were going on to render his character a nuisance. Sure, there was some fun back-and-forth with this guy, but nothing that couldn’t have been replaced with just the daughter, or our other clown, who could have just made it through instead of being incinerated as an act of poorly experienced karma.

Bring in the boyfriend in the next movie! If we needed a driver that badly to save everyone during the car chase scenes- well, I just don’t believe we needed it that badly. So many other things happen throughout the movie that are forced, or unexplained, simply to perpetuate a building blowing up.

And Prime kills someone!!!! WHAT!?

Why are the Dinobots, who are awesome, and who we definitely wanted to see more of, with an actual story to surround them, in this movie at all? Lockdown’s plot was enough to carry the entire movie, why water it down by inserting 2+ other watered down stories? Save those things for the next movie. Isn’t this storytelling 101?

Not only were the dinobots wasted, why use 3? Why were there more than one on Lockdown’s ship? He was collecting one of everything else, but more than one of these guys? Another “because it looks cool” reasoning that just doesn’t pass with the fans. Rotten Tomatoes: 18%. No sense of self-control, just the need for the instant gratification of watching something blow up. Do they not trust that Transformers will pull a huge turnout without tricking us? Is Shyamalan running things over there?

The movie was fun, if you don’t care about story and just want to see a bunch of cool scenes strewn together. One thing Bay does deliver on: blowing everything up!

Supernatural Season 10

pintrest.com_Supernatural started last week with an excellent season opener. I binge watched season 8 & 9, since I’ve missed most live airing of any show over the past few years (I’m that person cable hates since I don’t watch live TV, I just wait for Netflix or Amazon prime to pick it up).  The CW website is great, since watching episodes there is easier than picking up the tv remote. I’m now into Arrow, the Flash, The 100, and Supernatural. If they moved Once Upon A Time from ABC (whose website is evil. You have to log into your cable provider to watch), and Sleepy Hollow from FOX, I wouldn’t need any other network.

They pulled back a little from what I expected Dean to be going through, but when I thought back to the meeting of Cain in season 9, it made sense. Crowley continues to be great, and I love the BFF status these two now have, even as Moose continues to hunt for his brother. If you’ve been out of the loop on this show for the past couple of seasons, as we had been, this season 10 opener promises a season you’ll want to catch up for. Quickly though, it’s going to be week 3! This show airs Tuesday nights!

Oh no! Now I’m a week behind!!

Looking Ahead

interstellar-posterI’m definitely looking forward to The 100 (it’s kind of more a teenie-bopper show, but I got addicted). I thought it might be the first show I caught live this season, but no… so I”m off to catch-up with some internet T.V.

Intersteller, hitting theaters November 5th, looks like my kind of movie, though the cast has me weirded out. McConaughey and Hatahway don’t strike me as Sci-Fi types, but I’m willing not to judge just yet.

  • What’re you watching these days?
  • What shows/movies are you looking forward to?

Thanks for hanging out for my random thoughts!

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