Closely Guarded Secrets


As someone who loves to write, and has only recently decided to possibly publish, the publishing world is a daunting animal. There’s so much negativity towards traditional publishers, yet so many horror stories about non-traditional paths. What is one to do? Luckily(?), I’m not quite ready for that step…

But, I do take a peek into what that step will be like, so when a multi-best-selling author was interviewed about his process on The Tim Ferriss Show, I tried to pay attention.

Closely Guarded Secrets

He mentioned that his first draft is always his own, that nothing about the story gets let out until his second draft is ready for readers. While I understand that a first draft is typically not the draft to start handing out for others to edit, I feel like this tight grip on leaking the story idea a bit paranoid.  The concept of sparking an idea train was the reason, and while I understand the point on one hand, I wonder if it’s really necessary on the other.

Since traditional publishing appears difficult, rumored impossible, what if I decide to self-publish, or try to build a fan base around my work to show publishers that there is a market for it? Am I actually sabotaging myself by trying to market ahead of time? Maybe I missed the real point of this entire topic…

The novel I’m working on was slated for the world of comics. That first issue is online. Should that come down? Or maybe that single issue is enough to approach a traditional publisher with? I know not the answers to these questions.


Thinking about the next step is frustrating me away from the current step, so maybe I should re-visit this at a later time….

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