A Brief Moment In (my) Time

I really don’t do so well with being super busy. Though, to be fair, I waste a lot of time when I have a lot of time to waste, but since there’s more time, more gets done. I can fit all the time-waster loves I have in. Video games, for example. And, I haven’t read a book in weeks!!! I’ve bought books. I’ve added books to my reading lists, but haven’t opened a one. This is bad news.

IMG_1515This working full-time outside the house isn’t really a thing I like -lol- Who does, right? My energy is sapped! I’m super tired so my workouts have become sporadic to the point of non-existence. My word counts are in the toilet (good thing I’m at the editing stage, huh? Except I need way more focus power for that, so it’s been slower than it should be….)

My meditation has become the moments I can sit outside and stare at the blue sky.

My yoga is sitting in cross-legged position while I get a few pages of my book written or edited.

I even have a ThoughtBack that comes twice a day to remind me that any progress is forward progress, so I don’t get too caught up in the numbers and the pace and the impatience I have to get things finished. I’m a list-checker-offer, so sometimes I rush things in order to get that check checked. (How many synonyms are there for checked)?

One thing at a time.

  • How do you balance your life? Are you a lister? A planner? A post-it-noter? Have you mastered simply giving yourself over to the whim of the day?

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