Book Review: Echo Volume 1: Approaching Shatter; by Kent Wayne

 Echo Volume 1: Approaching Shatter; by Kent Wayne

Super soldier tech, a bad-ass hero questioning everything he’s been taught, a dystopian planet, and a hint of mysticism (or is it?), Kent Wayne‘s freshman novel melds it all together in the perfect recipe for a fun Science Fiction story. What51raeuyoyyl‘s not to love?

As the pages unfold the scene for our hero, we’re instantly immersed in the grit, and confliction, he’s just coming to know. Following Atriya through his initial breakdown, where he pushes his luck, and shows us his level of badassdom, we’re later struck at how controlled he actually is; at how much he immersed himself in the system that’s suddenly turned it’s back on him, even as it continues to expect his service. His resolve to carry out his orders, even in the face of his personal dilemma,  shows true character in Echo’s hero.

A cliff hanger ending to rival all others, make sure that Volume 2 is ready when you near the end of this one! Reading the author’s notes at the end reversed my hatred for this mind-play, so I suggest reading it to understand the method behind the madness.

Mr. Wayne gives us just enough information to keep the page flips spinning, and enough foreshadow to keep us intrigued. I can not wait to start getting these ends tied up, and see who else Atriya will let loose on.

Oh- it’s FREE on Amazon!!

4 Stars ****

curious how I rate? Read this


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