Cynthi Marie

Cynthi Marie

Cynthi Marie has begun her romance author career with a fantasy erotica novella. Check out WARCHIEF for a spicy glimpse into the world of goblins and fantasy.


I’d spent my life in avoidance of attention, especially that of a Warchief. Any Warchief, but especially the brothers whose renown would hold for an age and an age.
So, of course, I would find myself in the very war camp I’d avoided. A life of abuse and violence, the fiercest of my race would be no kinder to me.
Then, I traded one prison for another. From Goblin Warchief to human Warchief, I never expected to fall into the hands of the Ansgean Bocan. The Terror of Goblins could very well be the end of me.
Is it possible this human might teach me worth? Kindness? Even love? These words don’t exist in my native Goblin tongue. What new experiences will open for me now?

Whether from her magic or my own self-deprecating attitude, I needed her. She was mine, and not even my brother would sway me from this. I would follow her to the ends of the world, and beyond. She would be my Queen, even if she didn’t know it yet.

A life in pursuit of one thing: eradicating all Goblins has been altered. All Goblins, but her.

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