Book Review: Dawn of Destiny (Epic Saga Book 1); by Lee Stephen

Dawn of Destiny (Epic Saga Book 1); by Lee Stephen

8185017Apparently my new favorite books are about soldiers, because this series has definitely taken the lead among greatly fun stories, alongside Echo, In Her Name, and Dune (which has forever been at the top of the list).

We come into an Earth at war with 2 alien races, though the war isn’t clearly being fought. With no reason, or seeming order, to the independent attacks by the aliens, EDEN (the Earth’s military defense network) has bases set up around the world to attempt to counter these attacks, even if they have no idea what the aliens want.

Called to duty through his faith, Scott Remington drops out of college to enlist, finding himself battling, not only aliens, but other forces that seem to be knocking him off his path. Only, are they, or is the path that needs following simply too hard to bear?

Great characters, I fell in love with Scott, and his entire team, even as they’re lead further and further into the misinformation surrounding the aliens, and their intentions for Earth.

I was almost put off by this book because of the main characters affinity with his faith, but it’s such a carefully crafted character feature, subtly implemented; it just is who Scott is that there’s no need to worry about being preached to at any moment throughout the series.

Well paced, I was instantly engulfed by Stephen’s Epic Saga, gladly re-reading the entire series to catch myself up for the recent release of the latest installment.

P.S. This first book is available as a fantastic audio addition. Even if you’ve already read the book, listen to the production. It brings even more life to the story.

5 Stars *****


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